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Surgical Procedures

Stress-free surgical care for pets

ZippiVet - Star Ranch provides veterinary surgical care and services for cats and dogs. Using state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team, we’ll provide your pet with high-quality surgery in a safe, stress-free, and relaxing environment.

Our team of skilled veterinarians and technicians is ready to provide your pet with a range of surgeries. Each procedure consists of a thorough pre-surgical physical exam conducted by a veterinarian, surgical monitoring, and lots of TLC throughout the day.

ZippiVet offers a wide range of surgical services, from spays and neuters to mass removal and orthopedic procedures. To ensure your pet’s safety, we diligently follow the strictest protocols during each surgery, and answer all of your questions before any procedure. If there is any advanced procedure that we cannot comfortably perform in-house, we provide referral to a veterinary surgery specialist.

What to expect on the day of surgery:

  • Prior to your pet’s surgery, we will thoroughly examine your pet and perform a pre-surgical blood screen. The results of these tests and your pet’s breed, age and medical condition will be used to create a personalized anesthesia protocol. This practice ensures that your pet is safe and well enough to undergo a surgery.
  • Your pet’s surgical team will contact you and provide updates throughout this process and before your pet undergoes anesthesia.
  • During surgery, your pet will receive an IV catheter and IV fluids throughout the procedure. ZippiVet doctors and nurses utilize state-of-the-art digital monitoring systems to ensure your pet’s safety, tracking blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and oxygen levels, and ECG at all times. These steps assist in ensuring a safer procedure for your pet.
  • During the procedure, your will be constantly tended to by your pet’s veterinarian and at least one veterinary technician. These staff members are your pet’s surgical team and are devoted to ensuring your pet’s safety and care.
  • After surgery, we provide pet parents with complete information on proper postoperative care and work with you to administer an individualized post-operative pain management plan.
  • In general, your pet will be dropped off at our hospital the morning of their scheduled surgery between 7:30 am – 8:00 am. Most pets are able to go home between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Your surgical team will contact you with a discharge time. During discharge, the procedure and instructions for home care will be provided.

Below are some of the surgical procedures we offer:

$City Veterinary Surgeries

Spay & Neuter Procedures

Stress-free sterilization care

Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery on eyes, ears, and other soft tissue areas.

Pet Microchipping

Keeping track of adventurous pets

Call us today at (512) 596-3749 for more information on our surgical care services.

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